Export Quality Kinnow – Kinnow Mandarin

Export Quality Kinnow – Kinnow Mandarin

Kinnow Mandarin Supplier is common occupation. Pakistan is producing more than 30 types of different fruits of which kinnow Mandarin t is leading among all fruits and constitutes about 40% of total fruit production in the country.

Kinnow Mandarin

Above 50% of kinnow Mandarin are produced in Punjab province and distributed through different value chains in domestic as well as in international markets. A large part of kinnow Mandarin produced in Pakistan is mostly engrossed locally without much value addition; however, 10–12% of total production is shipped after value addition.

Export Quality Kinnow

The supply chains are very various, and a number of different businessmen actively participate in these chains, which ultimately decide the destination of kinnow Mandarin in these value chains. The main aim of this research is to identify different supply chains of kinnow Mandarin in Pakistan and also to identify and discuss the role and function of different supply chain players in the kinnow Mandarin industry in Pakistan.

Pakistani Kinnow Exporters

A survey-based on different players of Pakistan’s kinnow Mandarin industry was conducted in 2013–2014 to better understand the citrus supply chains. It was found that supply chains can be classified into two major types, unprocessed supply chain, and processed supply chains. The proportion has been gradually changed now and growers are becoming successful and more market-oriented.

Kinnow Mandarin

The popular varieties grown in Punjab include oranges, Malta, sangtra, grape fruit, and fruiter. Approximately about 60 % of total kinnow Mandarin production is consisted of mandarin being popularly know as ‘Kinnow’. Standards wise also, kinnow Mandarin is the most important and best quality fruit.

It is relished both domestically and internationally for its color, fragrance and flavor. It is orange in color and has a very thin loose skin. This variety has been acquired through the cross-breeding of two other varieties ‘King’ and ‘Will Leaf’.

Other varieties of lesser importance include fruiter, malta, grape fruit, and sangtra, harvesting of which starts a months earlier than Kinnow Mandarin and last up to a month earlier than that of kinnow Mandarin.
There are many types of kinnow Mandarin in Pakistan:-

  • Kinnow Mandarin
  • Malta
  • Sagtra
  • Grape fruit
  • Fruiter

Mandarin Kinnow

Mausami (kinnow Mandarin), red blood. Kinnow Mandarin is known as the king of all the types of easy peelers and  reign supreme in the best varieties of the world. It is a best source of vitamin C, minerals and fiber.kinnow Mandarin is one of the most popular and best-loved fruits in the whole World.


It has good sour taste and lovely fragrance but not fall in the easy peel varieties. This has a very vibrant color and it is a best source of vitamin c and fiber which helps to reduce Cholesterol in human body.


It is a luxury grown and is known as sweet orange, big source of vitamin c and minerals. It is available from December to January. The word ‘Sangtra’ comes from a Portuguese word ‘sintra’.

Grape fruit

It is a popular citrus fruit, with a sour and somewhat bitter sweet flavor, that is a best source of vitamins, potassium, choline and fiber. This fruit is beneficial for heart patients.


It is a small sized fruit and easy to peel. It is very popular in Pakistan and it’s season Starts from November and ends in January. It’snot a just tasty fruit, it’s more than that. It has multiple health benefits.

Seedless kinnow Mandarin

There is another type of kinnow Mandarin, which is seedless kinnow Mandarin. The high seed content in this variety is a major hindrance to out-of-hand eating. Nufeel Exports developed low seeded ‘Kinnow’ and this variety was released under the name ‘kinnow ’LS’ low seeded in the year 2019. Nufeel Exporters developed low seeded ‘Kinnow’ Mandarin. In Pakistan, a seedless ‘Kinnow’ has been developed, using different techniques by Nufeel Exports