Kinnow Harvesting and Processing – Kinnow Exports Company

Pakistan Kinnow and Mandarin Harvesting and Processing:


The major scope of processing activities includes post-harvest sorting, washing, waxing, drying, grading, packing, and labeling. The company has highly skilled, qualified, and trained staff to monitor quality at all levels.It is developed from a lengthy DE hybridization process, gives the best storage of kinnow Mandarin to its exporters.

The kinnow fruit seeds are planted in the month of Aug-Oct. Kinnow harvesting starts when the fruit’s external color becomes orange, from Dec-Feb. The best harvesting time is mid- Jan to mid- Feb.The process includes the selection of best quality fruit, which should be slightly soft, smooth-skind, with no deep grooves.

The production is brought to kinnow processing plant, where it is washed, waxed, dried, graded, packed, and labeled in the processing plant. After packing, the fruit is transported to seller ports either in open-top trucks or refrigerated containers. Then it is shipped to different countries.It is a citrus fruit majorly grown in Punjab. Pakistan is the 6th largest producer of kinnow Mandarin in the world.

Nufeel Exports company is an exporter of fresh kinnow Mandarin. Our fresh kinnow Mandarin is washed, waxed, and graded on an automated system plant and packed in attractive and strong corrugated boxes.

The Winter season in plains of Pakistan provides an excellent atmosphere to give a sweet and different taste to kinnow Mandarin.Our company has its own facilities from farming to export. It established the first plant of Pakistan, that introduced automatic grading and waxing.

Steps that Kinnow Mandarin process contains:

1. Picking.

2. Transporting to the processing unit.

3. Washing.

4. Waxing.

5. Sorting/grading.

6) Packing /Shipping.

7) National/international market.