Pakistan Best Export Quality Apples

Pakistan Best Export Quality Apples

Pakistan is one of the largest agricultural countries that are specialized in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables.Nufeel exporters crowned to deliver you the bulk quantity of fresh fruits in which the Apples are widely cultivated fruit. Fortunately, the rain takes the foremost part in the cultivation of the Apple tree so it is considerably cultivated in temperate climates like in Pakistan its cultivation is in the northern province of Pakistan.

List of Hot Variety of Apples

Apples are everyone’s favorite and adding up the mesmerizing addition in desserts of morning time to delight the self. As we know that Apples are the preferable fruit to be placed on well-embellished dining enticing the flavor of sweets.

Nufeel exporters brought to you the erotic collection of Apple variety in the following:

Golden delicious

Red delicious

Kala Kulu






Golden Delicious:

This is one of the enthralling types of Apple on earth. The sweet and aromatic taste with big yellowish green-skinned in appearance. The texture of the outer layer of golden delicious is prone to bruise and shriveling. The tip to handle this fruit is with careful and safe hands .it can be a great addition to your lunchtime salads, Apple sauce, also Apple butter.

Nutritional facts:

Golden delicious Apple is composed of 86% of water, 0% fat, 14% carbs, 0 % proteins, dietary fiber 16%, total sugar 34%, calcium 1%, and iron 1%, and fiber 16%, sugar34%.

Nufeel exporters is pleased to deliver you premium quality fruits with quality assurance and strictly analyzed procedures regarding providing you only health beneficial products. We welcome bulk orders on locals and internationals in affordable packages. As we respect our customer’s feelings to don’t let them feel disappointed with us. We always rely on your needs and requirements. We are pleased to hear genuine inquiries regarding orders and shipments. Our vigilant staff will respond to you in a few seconds.