Pakistani Export Quality Mangoes

Pakistani Dusheri Mangoes


Dusheri mango is long and oval formed, with a light green or yellow-green skin when developed, turning out to be brilliant yellow when ready. Dusheri mangoes have a fibreless, peach-shaded substance with a medium-sized stone. The flavor is sweet and sweet-smelling.

Dasher mangoes are high in nutrient C and fiber. Mangoes normally contain chemicals advantageous for processing just as numerous other important nutrients and minerals. Size little to medium, elliptical, ventral, shoulder higher than dorsal, nose and sinus missing, shading yellow when ready, skin slight, mash fibreless, tissue the firm, extremely sweet, enhance pleasantly Stone exceptionally little, elongated, assortment great to absolute best, bearing substantial, mid-season (July), keeping and stripping quality great.

Pakistani Neelum Mangoes


This mango is developed in numerous parts of Pakistan. Its high quality developed also in Sindh. It possesses an oval shape having a small size. Its base is round in shape and apex rounded Skin color, sea green when unripe & yellow with reddish tinge when ripe. This Pakistani mango has a smooth surface having small dots along with a large number of small glands. Recognizable because of its unmistakable dazzling scent, Neelum is accessible all through the season; however, the most delectable ones land by June.

Pakistani Fajari Mango


It has started as a prevalent possibility seedling in Bihar and got its name after the name of woman Fajri who chose and raised its trees. Size enormous, oval, at a slanted oval, base adjusted, shoulder inconsistent, with ventral higher than the dorsal, nose unmistakable, sinus shallow with an adjusted summit. Its skin is slim having mash pale color. It is a fibreless Pakistani mango with amazing flavor. Its taste is remarkable for its production. It mostly comes at the end of August.

Pakistani Saroli Mango


Saroli is also one of the most popular kinds of Pakistani mangoes. It develops in the first season of mangoes. These mangoes are green, having sweet taste and are rich in fragrance. This is a great source of vitamins, potassium, and iron and possesses delicious taste.

Pakistani Totapuri Mango


This kind of mango is widely grown in Pakistan as well as in different countries. It has a delicious taste, having greenish-yellow color and mostly in medium size.

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Pakistani Baganpali Mango

Baganpali is also the variety of Sindh that is famous due to massive volume commonly having oval shape pores and skin coloration darkish inexperienced and emerge as yellowish mild inexperienced after being matured, with a smooth surface and heavy pulp and full of tasty juice. Its season is extended from July to August.

Pakistani Red King Mango


Red King is also known as Lal Badshah, identity is given to a yellow mango with a moderate pink blush. As the fruit ripens, the yellow will become deeper. This type of mango has a slightly irregular shape. The flesh is pretty firm, has some fiber and sweet without being especially flavorsome.