Pakistani Mango suppliers

Pakistani Mango suppliers

we are professional top quality mango exporter and Mango “The King of Fruit ” is one of the most nutritious , delightful regular organic products developed in the tropics. Pakistani Mangoes are high in fiber, low in calories, and contain a limited quantity of starches, calcium, iron, potassium, and a little protein and are plentiful in nutrients, A, B, and C containing other cells fortification nutrients too.

Pakistani Mango

It is one of the best natural fruit on earth. Mango is the second most sent out organic product from Pakistan, getting around $100 million in outside money. With more than 500-2,000 well-known assortments of mangoes accessible everywhere throughout the world, each varying in size, shape, taste, and shading.

Mango suppliers

Pakistani Mango is one of the tastiest items on the planet, which is being sent out in enormous amounts from Pakistan to Europe, the Middle East, and America via air and by the ocean in reefers Containers. Among the 400 assortments of Pakistani Mangoes, just 25 to 35 are developed on a business scale.

Our Company is a registered and certified name that emerged on premium quality Mango suppliers and Exporter in Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in natural resources, so we consider that international trading can convey mutual benefits to Pakistan as nicely as other countries.

Pakistani Mango Exporters

Nufeel Exports is well-equipped with state of the artwork testing, warehousing, packaging, and logistics facilities. We are serving both in national & international markets. We are leading Pakistani suppliers and exporters and professional top quality mango exporter of organic and fresh mangoes.

Mango Exporters

We are specialized in supplying and exporting a large number of mangoes like Sindhri, Langra, Doshehri, Chaunsa, Bagan Pali, Swarnarika, etc with quality & standard. Having quality-based trading we supply & export some of the following types of mangoes such as:

The absolute most well-known kinds of mangoes developed in Pakistan such Anwar Rataul, Baganpali, Chaunsa (the most liked), Chok Anan, Collector, Dusehri, Desi Gola, Desi Badshah, Dilkash, Fajri, Gulab Janhu, Gulab Khas, Lal Badshah, Langra, Maldah, Muhammad Wale, Nawab Puri, Neelum, Rani Phool, Sindhri, Saroli, Sawaranika, Saib, Taimuria, Wanghi, Zafran.