Seasons of kinnow Mandarin in Pakistan

Seasons of kinnow Mandarin in Pakistan

Generally, Its harvesting starts from November extending up to February. Kinnow Mandarin Season opens every year from November and ends in March.In a very hot climate, kinnow Mandarin can grow up to 37 feet high. Kinnow trees are highly fertile and constructive, it is common to find 1000 kinnow Mandarin per tree. The kinnow Mandarin matures in January or February.

It peels off easily and has a high juice content. The present-day  season for Pakistani kinnow mandarins is in full swing. Because of excellent weather, production volumes have increased by 15%. However, sizes are comparatively small, which makes many Pakistani exporters to send their produce to Russia.

Seasons of kinnow Mandarin

A major portion of kinnow Mandarin is sold as such , in their original form, in the fresh market. Only an insignificant percentage (one per cent) is converted in juice. The arrival  of managed atmosphere have, however made it practicable sell kinnow Mandarin as late as April prolonging the market season greatly in fresh condition.

Mono and Poly embryonic , Three Seeded Kinnow fruit:

Kinnow Mandarin trees  are made from natural and induced variability to improve the Kinnow plant and especially the fruit quality. There are differences among kinnow Mandarin in developed and undeveloped seed number and so are differences in various tissue grafting responses.

Nine % selected material does not sprout even after several months of grafts and ultimately died. One third of the grafts does not work may be because of nature of selected mutated tissue, incompatibility of tissue to rough lemon etc. Around half of the grafts show leaf abscission under stress.

The successful growing clones in the field are tried for their fruit benefits and selected clones are multiplied and released as cultivars. Five clones prove to be low seeded with 0 – 6 seeds per fruit.

About 80% of Kinnow nucleolus has plant regeneration responses. The plants , which developed from nuclear celli, radiation and 8-hydroxy quinolone are developed. The sprouts selected from different vegetative characteristics branches are grafted on rough kinnow to study induced mutations and for selection of quality fruit.