1. White POTATOES


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White potatoes can come in two different shapes: the long border is gradually shaped like a reddish-brown, but with luxurious skin, many eyes and a whitish white appearance, similar to that of a baseball. There is a roundish appearance with a shape and a light grey skin with a freckle or tan white. Light cards are both white delicate creatures and contain waxy potatoes. Starchy white potatoes with starch work very well in the setting of white potato mixes, such as bubbling, grinding, sting, stew, potato soup, and slow cooker or glaze dishes. The surface and appearance of the white potatoes were presented with a very soft, somewhat thick, extremely soft, irresistible sweet hint.

The East Coast and the Pacific Northwest are key areas for white potato development. Mine is known for being a white potato state, but it is regularly grown in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. Similarly, on the West Coast, Washington, Pakistan and California are white producers. Their delicate, light skins add perfect surface measurement to a smooth, potato-free dish. A white barbecue has a strong flavor. Make signature potato dishes with mixed greens, cook boiled white potatoes like dressings and attachments purchased from different parts of blended greens, such as Caesar dressing and ground parmesan. Or farm dressing, broken eggs, and bacon.

Lady Rosetta Potatoes

Lady Rosetta is a specialist crisping variety, with high dry issues and is nearly sugar-free not at all like different variety. Lady Rosetta is the most loved potato variety for the chip’s makers, for example, PepsiCo, Mr. Crisps, and Super Crisps, and so forth because of its sugar-free and firm attributes.

Nufeel expoerts is one of the main makes, suppliers, and exporter of Lady Rosetta Variety and is now sending out this assortment to different chips producers around the world. The significant import nations for this assortment incorporate GCC Middle East countries and Sri Lanka.

Mozika Potatoes

Mozika is a notable and the most mainstream assortment for send out reason. It is for quite some time molded and enjoyed by different wholesalers, stores, and eateries for to its since quite a while ago formed and clean skin. We generally trade it after washing as it is truly appropriate for a water wash.

Nufeel exports is one of the main maker and exporter of Mozika Variety and is at present trading this assortment to different wholesalers, general stores, hypermarkets around the world. The significant fare nations for this assortment incorporate GCC Middle East countries and Sri Lanka.

Santa Potatoes

Santa Clause is known for its long period of usability. It is round-formed and is typically favored by clients situated in Russia, Ukraine, and different goals with travel time over 25 days. We for the most part trade it in the wake of washing as it is truly appropriate for a water wash.

Dawn lab international Private Limited is one of the main maker and exporter of Santa Variety of potatoes and is presently trading this assortment to different wholesalers, stores, hypermarkets around the world. The significant fare nations for this assortment incorporate GCC Middle East countries and Sri Lanka.

Yellow Potatoes

Yellow Potatoes are waxy, smooth, and wet. These marble to enormous estimated potatoes have a buttery flavor with an unpretentious sweetness. Their firm skin can improve the thick substance which, joined with a velvety surface, decreases the requirement for spread. Yellow potatoes are ideal for dishes that include flame broiling and cooking.

Purple Potatoes

Purple Potatoes are waxy and soggy with firm tissue. Their name is gotten from their profound purple skin and coordinating lavender tissue. They have a natural, nutty flavor with low sugar content. They’re ideal for flame broiling, preparing, and cooking.


The skin of red potatoes can go from dull red to light pink and can carry this substance from velvety white to bright yellow. One of the major benefits that are often given is that red skin has a high level of control against oak or white potatoes. The hidden cause of shedding of skin types is rightly related to the location of the potato development and the type of dirt. For example, volcanic soil in the Pacific Northwest produces extremely light red, while in Florida sandy upper soil produces light pink potatoes. Most are red round and waxed, which means more moisture and less starch. This element makes red potatoes ideal for mixing potato dishes, steamed, in bubbles or in goulash and with pot dishes. They will remain solid during the cooking process. Their scent is sweet and energetic with a smooth, slightly submerged thrill in the mouth.

The most famous red potato growing area is the Red River Valley, a mature region that grows through Canada’s northern Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba. Red is also important for farmers in Wisconsin, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and California, Pakistan. Due to their wax level, the red potato fabric remains stable throughout the cooking process, regardless of whether they are fried or cooked in a stove. Their light but lively red skin adds a shadowy and surface to the mixed greens and sections to an interesting charm. Reds are commonly used to make a delicate yet strong potato dish made of mixed greens, either prepared for touching soups and stews or served in ground service. Round red is often referred to as “new potatoes”, but in fact, the term “new” refers to the cultivation of potatoes before they are grown.


Seeds make up about 35-40% of the absolute cost of production in Russia and Pakistan. The formation of officially sanctioned badges is limited and confronted exclusively, Lack of ability to provide effective and managerial affairs. Good seed quantity and field, low power intake. They rely on seed sources that are of poor quality or contain seeds. Most of them do not have the right skills. To ensure the perfect harvest of potatoes, the edible is healthy, incredible and Disease-free seeds are important. Seeds should be uniform and shape without an indication of pollution. Use only the seed potatoes provided. The number of seeds needed to plant a plot of land depends on the size of the seeds and the distribution of seeds. Potato seeds Potatoes need 25 to 35 minutes for each plot of land, and it should be medium size.



Potato development is easy, but they contribute to the cool climate, so you should try to soil them at the right time. Ideal opportunity for field or fall harvest, which accounts for more than 70% of total production, begins in early October and ends in mid-November. Spring crops, which contribute less than 10% of the total crop, can be harvested from mid-December to mid-February, while summer crops are planted from early April to mid-May.