Variety of Grapes That We Offer:

Variety of Grapes That We Offer:

Nufeel exports is providing you a variety of grapes in 12 months. Which type of grape do you like the most in our store within the fresh natural flavor? Keep an eye on each detail to find out more interesting things about grapes.












Thompson seeded is also known as sultana it is a white pale green oval-shaped variety of grape. It is originated in Asia Minor. Commonwealth countries named it raisin that is made from sultana. Thus, raisins are also known as sultana raisin and sultanas.


PALETTE IS THE largest category of grape that is found in Pakistan. This is big white thin skin taste like a firm, crisp and juicy. The perlite grape is exactly similar in appearance and taste like Thompson it is seedless. It is only differentiated with Thompson on the base of its wider climatic range. It is the best fruit for salad use and also juices.


Red globe grape is rich in juicy taste found in warm areas. This is a very large-seeded red grape appearance in firm flesh and can be greatly used as table grape for fresh fruit salad also decoration for cakes and custard, trifles too.


The cardinal seeded is a grape cross between a red flame grape and a rapier grape. The cardinal grape is large thick crunchy skin with a noticeable large seed in it. Enchanting flavor with cherry flavor.


King’s ruby is the popular variety of grapes among all when it comes to its flavor and taste. The rich juicy flavor with attractive red color the large sizes will drool your mouth with its highly attractive appearance. The large berries sized king ruby seedless is best for your table desserts.


The large-seeded narc black in thin skin black presentation with sweetness overloaded. The best combination for salads or cakes decoration.


The crimson seedless is a late-season grape that is in berries sized seedless crispy thin skin with a fantastic sweet flavor. Elongated light red seedless with strong sweetness.


If you’re fond of big dried vigorous table grape then flame seedless is the best choice for you. The medium-large sized grapes with highly sweet richness in flavor. But it takes a long growing procedure.


Sultana seedless and Thompson is both the same type of grapes found in Pakistan.


Muscatel is highly captivating is tasted with crunchy thin skin.

Health Benefits of Grapes:

We have an affluence of categories of grapes in distinctive colors for instance red, green, black, and purple. Seedless and seeded grapes along with differentiated health benefits to make sure to deliver you the top-grade quality products at a reasonable price. Our products are in the rich taste and also benefits just check out each point.

The advantage of eating grape will facilitate you to fight against cancer, eye problem, cardiovascular issues, and other related health conditions

The ingredient like resveratrol is a key component to great health benefits.

Grapes included a great source of potassium, fiber, and a rich source of vitamin and other minerals. Grapes are a great diet plan for diabetic patients.

It will protect old people for Alzheimer’s disease

It will help regulate blood glucose levels.

It will help in preventing osteoarthritis

It will help in boosting up the immune system.

Nutritional of Grapes:

104 kilocalories

1.09 g protein

0.24 g fats

27.33 g carbohydrates

23.37 g sugar

1.4 g fiber

288 mg potassium

15 mg of calcium

0.54 iron

11 mg magnesium

30 mg phosphorous

3 mg sodium

o.11 mg of zinc

4.8 g vitamin c

22 mcg vitamin k

3 mcg folate

Grapes are also contained vitamin B, A, and a very rich source of water in it with antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin. The flavonoids myricetin and quercetin are also nutritional agents to fight against cancer and help the body to protect against the harmful radical formation.