We only Import/export Grapes on demand of our customers & also provide all services

We only Import/export Grapes on demand of our customers & also provide all services

Nufeel exports is a global distributor specifically grapes exporters, import-export top-quality fresh fruits and vegetables with over 15 years of hands-on experience with a strong network of heavy-duty farms, processing units, storage, transportation, and super-fast process. By handling our entire production unit with tested trials to make sure catering you with premium quality fruits that beholds health benefits only. By following the quintessence of our business is to cater to the needs and requirements of our worthy customers.to be on top is only possible with a highly proficient team of versatile staff who duly invest their efforts to stands out from competitors. The matchless quality of import and export the finest fruits and vegetables from all over the world make us proud by presenting the state-of-the-art innovations with groundbreaking techniques to our valuable customers to always deliver the top-notch quality.

Nufeel exports Is The Preeminent Importer & Exporters Of The Finest Rich Quality Fruits And Vegetables:

We are the foremost company in a highly advanced world to deliver our customers with respectable traditional values that behold key modern components. The quintessence of our business is based on quality assurance, innovations, secure and procured health considerable production, and sustainability.


Nufeel exports takes pride in serving top quality premium fresh grapes in the abundance of variety allowing customers to buy an endless variety of grapes every season.

Grapes Information:

The grape comprises of 60 species of the genus Vitis. Basically, the species from which grapes are being cultivated is derived from Visit vinifera. There is 3 broad dimensions of grapes; dessert grapes, wine grapes, and raisin grapes. The one most popular fruit for homegrown fruits too that can be enjoyed as juice, wine, raisin, additionally table tray decoration with custard and jelly. In Pakistan’s land, only European grapes are cultivated in which 70% of grapes are being grown in Baluchistan while the other product is in NWFP. The grapes soil needs the warmth and hot weather with deep fertile loamy soil. The ph. is 5.5 to 7.0 will be satisfactory for production. Grapes are grown in subtropical conditions that require winter that will be enough for chilling them. The European grapes are grown in hot summer weather. The monsoon weather onset in Punjab during the ripening process can cause damage to the production of the grapes.